Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Made Dresses

1 I am scarred to have a dress made for me as I am unable to try it on before buying it. What happens if I don’t like my dress when it is finished?

As well as being a self trained design expert with 30 years experience I listen very carefully to all the things you like and DONT like. Sifting carefully through everything throughout the design process, assessing every detail as to how it will look on you and giving an honest opinion, finally arriving at a sketch of the vision. If you are in doubt about certain details, I get the gown ready for fit so we can consider both options, at the fit stage, many design changes can be made. I have NEVER had a Bride that was unhappy when she left the studio.

2. I had my grad dress made for me, and it didn’t fit right and was not very smart looking, so I am scarred to have something made again.

As with any industry there are a lot of variations in quality of work. I am a professional who loves her work, every creation is an opportunity for me to turn an idea into a work of art, either simple or very elaborate.

3 Do you have dresses I can try on?

Yes there is a wide range of style ideas, to satisfy most brides, not all sizes, but I creatively help you to envision your idea on you.

4. I need a dress real soon, can you help me?

Possibly, I have an inventory of sample gowns that I sell for at least 70% off, they can all be adjusted to fit, and ready for an emergency!

5. How much can I expect to pay?

At the consultation, I price out each gown individually, the price is determined by design, and material cost, I would say simple being about $ 500.00 to elaborate $ $5,000.00.

6. Do you do Bridal Gown alterations?

Yes, time permitting upon emailing me an image of the gown and what is required I can give you an approximate price.

7 I have fallen in love with a gown that is no longer available, can you copy it

Yes, I will let you know how close I can get, perhaps pointing out any changes to improve the look on you, or to get it within budget.

8 I have a certain budget but the gown I love is way too much can you help me design a dress similar within my budget?

Yes, there are a lot of ways of creating a gown to cut costs without sacrificing the look.

9 I have my mothers gown I would love to wear but it is out dated can you help me reinvent it?

Yes, enjoy going through my Heirloom section to see past mother/daughter reinventions.