There is just something delightful about a beautifully made lace,
either by itself, with silk, a small peep somewhere or brazenly splashed
with lots of beads and sequins depending on the mood!

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At Alida’s you will find laces of all kinds; imported from France or other places around the world. Depending on the project she has a wide range of laces immediately available or a number of sources to go for to get the latest laces.

The following first two collections are available immediately in the studio, the second are the latest samples available from her favourite suppliers.
Hiding in her boutique are many smaller pieces that come in all shapes and colours for adding a bit on the bodice, insert in the skirt, sleeves or hem etc.

Planning a gown is so rewarding when you can actually have available the laces or embellishments you are dreaming of!

Check our selection of Bridal LacesColored Laces, Beautiful Local laces or we also have European Laces available to order