Simple Process


Making Dreams Come True

1/ Check the website

From the website you will be able to find answers to a lot of the questions you may have about having a gown custom made for you.  You will find information & validation about the designer/creator

With this homework done, the designing process will take a minimum of time and be more satisfying for you.

The first half hour is free, after that I do charge $70.00 design fee, which is refunded towards your gown purchase or anything in the boutique.

2/ Design Appointment

tn_1 -angeline


The design process begins with brainstorming all your ideas, either from descriptions, the internet, or multiple images, gradually after considering the style, silhouette, fabrics, laces or embellishments, a sketch emerges delightfully close to what you had envisioned!
Through out the process, I use images of past brides to substantiate any questions you may have about the process, verify the fit on real brides, show actual samples so you can touch and feel the superior quality of a custom couture gown. 

You will receive a folder with the Gown sketch, fabric & lace samples, the complete estimated price, as well as the first deposit invoice of 35%.  Upon receiving the deposit, you will receive either a fitting or measuring date.


3/ Price

The price can vary greatly depending on style, fabrics, laces and embellishments from $700.00 to $4,000.00. I do try to work within your budget and will make suggestions where we can cut costs without sacrificing the overall look designed.  No matter what the budget the end result is is a superior gown in fit, a work of artful craftmanship, creating a feeling of delightful satisfaction in having a unique gown made just for you alone on your wedding day.

fitting 2

4/ First Fitting

To ensure a perfect fit please bring the undergarments and shoes you will be wearing with the gown, At the design time Alida will go over what is necessary in this department.

Alida takes a lot of measurements and creates a pattern for each gown she makes, truly custom made, she has developed a method that is time saving and very accurate, no sloper is needed, the gown at this stage is 2/3 complete, sewn in sections to create a complete look but still very able to make design and fit adjustments.

You get a real concept of what the finished gown will look like.

At this time a second invoice of 35% is due.


simpleprocess55/ Second Fitting

Most gowns are complete at this point, Alida goes over all the details and fit and fine tunes things like the bustling system, adjustments of any kind, some very elaborate styles may require an extra fitting.

Alida prides herself on each gown and its is very important to her that each gown is a perfect creation a work of art, whether it is simple or very elaborate.

6 Storing The Gown

Many brides would rather have the finished product stored at Alida’s and can have a final fit again just before their wedding day to make sure everything is still fitting right

7/ Last Invoice

The final invoice of 30% is not collected until the gown is complete and the client is thrilled!

Your own customized wedding gown is only a phone call away.
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