Caitlin“Alida, Thank you so much for the amazing work you did on my dress! Just got my photos back and I was so excited to share some with you. I got SO many compliments on the dress. People wanted to know how I found a dress that was so 100% ME… and I just told them it was all you. 🙂 The dress was perfect, made it from ceremony (in the rain!!!), photo’s in the wet grass, playing trombone, lots of dancing, and I was still rocking my super comfy dress into the wee hours of the morning, hanging out by the campfire.

I look forward to see the work that you do on my band mate Julia’s dress, I was so happy to hear that she went to you.



Caitlin2 Caitlin1

 I LOVE MY DRESS!!! I t was spectacular. Wore it until the wee hours. I’ll send pictures once the photographer gets them organized…

THANK YOU SO MUCH! You rocked it on Martha’s Vineyard 🙂
xo Christin
PS the party dress was a sensation as well




testimonial sarafina1“Hi Alida,

 I hope that this email finds you well and enjoying this weather to date! Rick and I’s wedding was amazing; we were surrounded by love, beauty, and dragonflies! Magic. Pure magic. I have attached a few photos for you to choose from; wasn’t too sure what you would be after so thought better to add a few more.

I had what would seem like a ‘ba-jillion’ comments on my dress! It was a hit with our crowd for sure AND those that saw photos after, who weren’t there loved it. Most importantly I felt so elegant, beautiful and glamorous in this exquisite gown!  My groom Rick loved how it showed off my curves and femininity!

 It was an incredibly awesome process and a pleasure to work with you. Thank-you for your expert engineering, designing, great spirit and attention to details! You are AMAZING!”

With appreciation,

KelseySean085“… was out of this world, Alida!!!
What a beautiful job you did on it – Kelsey looked radiant and so beautiful! I helped her in the dress and was impressed with how perfect it was for her!! The sun was shining when she was married on the patio and it was a truly lovely dat.

The WOW factor was there too and Kelsey loved removing the skirt to dance in the short dress later in the evening. You helped make her a happy bride!!! I will recommend you whole-heartedly to friends and family!!”

Best wishes,
Laura Ireland
Kelsey’s mom